Advantages of using React Native for Mobile App Development

Advantages of using React Native for Mobile App Development

Once a company decides to develop or get a Mobile App developed for its business there are many decisions it must make. One of the main decisions it must make (amongst many others) is to decide whether it will have an app built for Android or for iOS or for both and which technology/framework should be opted for.

The fastest and the most efficient way of developing a mobile app for both Android and iOS is by using the React Native framework.

React Native programming framework uses the universal language of JavaScript and is an open-source framework.

The advantages of developing a mobile app using the React Native programming framework are manifold:

  1. Time and Cost Efficient: With React Native framework a cross-platform mobile app is developed. The framework uses the same code for the deployment of app in both iOS and Android. 90-95% of code is reusable, thus saving a lot of development time and cost. This also enables businesses to launch the App faster in the market and gain sales advantages.
  2. Better Performance: React Native programming framework is faster and is better performing as it is optimized for mobile devices. Also, this platform uses the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) instead of the Central Processing Unit, making it faster and better performing on mobile devices.
  3. Faster Turnaround: The waiting time for previewing the changes made by the developer is reduced with the help of Live and Hot Reloading. It enables the developer to view the changes in another window even if the app is running. This helps the developer to make the required correction faster or to proceed ahead without much waiting.
  4. Community-Driven: React Nativeis an open-source platform that is accessible to all. Every developer can openly contribute to the betterment of the platform and can use the platform if they face issues in their development process. This facilitates the community of developers to share their work experiences and best practices followed by them.
React Native is very popular amongst developers and is also used by big companies like Facebook and Instagram.

If you are interested in getting a mobile app developed for both Android and iOS in a short span of time, do connect with us to understand our mobile app development process on the React Native platform.