How to speed up the Flutter app development process?

How to speed up the Flutter app development process?

Flutter a Google product is a relatively new entrant into the app development market. It is an open-source UI toolkit. Flutter has revolutionized the way apps are developed. It is the most sought-after app development technology for cross-platform app development.

The widgets in Flutter are styled according to the Cupertino (iOS) and Material Design (Android) guidelines.

In this blog, we will discuss the quick tips and tricks to speed up the app development process using Flutter. Read on to learn more.

  • Flutter Code Snippet:
Flutter code snippets are commonly used Flutter classes and methods. It facilitates speedy development as the codes are readily available and eliminate most of the boilerplate code used for creating a widget. Code snippets to develop widgets such as StreamBuilder and SingleChildScrollView can be developed using the shortcut streamBldr and singleChildSV respectively.
  • Font Awesome:
Gone are the days of struggle for creating visually appealing icons for your app. Use ‘Font Awesome’ to get amazing icons developed in no time.
  • Introduction Screen:
The lack of a great idea for an introduction screen should not hamper the development of your app. Flutter provides this facility with the help of the ‘Introduction screen’ feature. The ‘Introduction Screen’ develops the screen during the launcher process and can be customized based on the requirement.
  • Const Constructor:
Using the ‘const constructor’ is the best way to avoid unnecessary widget rebuilding. The following line of code can be used and setState can remain in the same state.
width: 250,
height: 250,
decoration: const BoxDecoration(
  borderRadius: BorderRadius.only(
    bottomLeft: const Radius.circular(30.0),
    bottomRight: const Radius.circular(30.0))),
  • Spread Operator:
The developers can use the spread operator to write cleaner codes. This feature is most useful when developers have to develop a nested conditional UI widget.
  • Dartfmt:
The real struggle arises with the developers when they have to edit commas in the already written codes. Dartfmt makes the life of the developers easier as they can edit the Flutter code easily with this feature. They can add trailing commas without affecting the flow of the code.
  • Listview rendering:
For an efficient listview rendering, use Keys on each of them. This is an effective method.
  • BasicUtils:
It is a good practice to use BasicUtils to get more productivity at crucial times. BasicUtils provides various methods like HTTPUtils, CryptoUtils, ColorUtils, SortUtils, etc.
We just learned how Flutter provides features to make app development faster, easier, and cost-efficient.

That is the reason why Flutter was the second most leading programming language in 2020 (Source: Google Trends) and Alibaba Group, e-Bay, Google, etc. have used Flutter to develop apps.

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