React Native: Why is it the most trending cross-platform app development technology?

React Native: Why is it the most trending cross-platform app development technology?

The moment you want to develop an App, you are faced with problems of choice like App versatility, business relevance, etc., and constraints like capital outlay and deadline. 

The approach of cross-platform technologies enables App developers to simultaneously build Apps compatible with different operating systems & platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

Picking the right development tool is key to building an excellent app with native UX, providing convenience in app development, lower development & maintenance costs, and rapid time to market.

Let’s understand the inherent benefits of React Native while addressing the above predicaments faced by the developers.

As per a survey by Statista, React Native is the most prominent cross-platform app-development technology followed by Flutter, Cordova, Ionic & Xamarin.

  • React Native: Created as an open-source framework by Facebook, it uses JavaScript & runs background processing directly on the end device. It wraps existing native code and interacts with APIs enabling easy integration while utilizing built-in component library.
  • Flutter: An open-source UI kit released by Google; it uses Dart language & runs on Dart virtual machine with just in time compilation allowing for hot reload.
  • Xamarin: Owned by Microsoft, it is an open-source software platform based on Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# supporting all mobile platforms.
  • Cordova: It enables building hybrid Apps using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript & is owned by Adobe. It facilitates wrapping up of code depending upon the platform. The layout rendering is done via web views instead of native UI framework.
  • Ionic: Built on top of AngularJS and Cordova, it is open-source SDK using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 & Sass. Uses Cordova wrap around for accessing native platform controllers & plugins to gain access to host OS features.
Why React Native?
  • React Native uses common programming language of JavaScript allowing companies to choose from bigger pool of developers making it superior to Flutter (using Dart) or Xamarin (using .Net).
  • This also allows its (React Native’s) higher acceptance as a development framework.
  • React Native scores over Cordova in terms of performance, installation speed & UX as Cordova Apps use rendering layouts using Web views.
  • Even though app development using Ionic is easier to learn for developers, React Native apps are much faster & elegant.  
Each of top SDKs have big names behind them and it is to be looked at resources being provided to up the game. React Native currently scores above others owing to its origin at Facebook with sole intent to develop native Apps, being based on JavaScript having larger developer base and being around for much longer than other frameworks such as Flutter.

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