Website Development for E-commerce

Website Development for E-commerce

Businesses have switched from brick-and-mortar models to online shops over time and that is how e-commerce came into the picture. It is a comfortable mode of interaction between businesses and customers that brings several perks to both the parties. An e-commerce website can be B2B or B2C marketplace.

One big advantage of e-commerce is that your customers won't have to physically visit your shop to purchase the products. Instead, they can save time and effort by just ordering them online. It also implies that it is not mandatory to have a physical store and spend cash on running and sustaining it.

E-commerce websites make the trading process easy to build a strong consumer base. After all, a strong clientele is what makes a company grow and flourish.

One must make sure that the e-commerce websites are search engine optimized (SEO) to have a wider reach. E-commerce web development also involves Content Management System (CMS) which is a very popular way of promoting the products and services to the masses.

Types of e-commerce websites:

While developing e-commerce websites the requirement of the business should be a key consideration. An e-commerce website can be a:

  • simple static page, or
  • an advanced level portal, with web inputs and e-commerce domains and integrated payment gateway.
Nowadays, people prefer mobile-ready (both android and iOS compatible), fully customizable, responsive, user friendly, device-optimized (should work smoothly on mobile, laptop, tablets etc.) and SEO friendly features in e-commerce websites.

Technologies involved in e-commerce website development:

Apart from framework-based development, the technologies that are used to develop these personalized e-commerce websites are:
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Magento framework
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Opencart
  • Prestashop
  • Zen Cart
E-commerce development companies create personalized shopping websites that attract many buyers and contributes to the firm's growth. After having an initial discussion with the client, the best approach is introduced, which will help in achieving the business goals within the budget. By incorporating the most user-friendly and secured payment gateways, they ensure that the customers have a great shopping experience, which in turn, will make them return to the online market.

Mypcot has been at the helm of developing business ready, user-friendly and latest security feature enabled e-commerce websites. We help our customers set up their shops online and retain their customers, thereby making their businesses flourish with customized websites that suit your requirement and pockets.

If you are interested in getting a complete e-commerce website solution, do connect with us. Our team of experts will have a thorough discussion with you and then provide the solutions you ask for.