Why Cross Platform Mobile App Development are Gaining Market

Why Cross Platform Mobile App Development are Gaining Market

Reasons To Chose Cross-Platform

1. Faster Delivery
No need to coordinate separate teams building, testing and maintaining apps for each platform. Leverage the power of front-end development to create a single codebase for all platforms and speed up delivery.

2. Reduced Costs
Having a single, highly reusable codebase translates into direct cost savings. Tap into the cross-platform approach to reduce mobile app development costs by 30% to 40% compared to native apps.

3. Easier Enhancement
Once your app goes live, shared code pays off again as you will only need a single team to support both platforms. Take this opportunity to shorten the feedback loop and ensure faster rollout of features and bug fixes.

There are many platforms coming up these days and which are highly robust and cater almost same speed and efficiency those in native apps.
Frameworks like React Native and Kotlin are piercing the market and are also supported by a large number of community members on their back.
There are many other frameworks such as Cordova,Ionic and Framework7 which are also going strongly and have gained a strong grip in the mobile application development section.