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Leading Flutter app development company in Mumbai

Mypcot is one of the top flutter Application Development companies in Mumbai India

As a business owner, you want to build mobile apps that work on all platforms to gain maximum user traction. Scripting codes for varied platforms puts a lot of pressure on your developers and delays your innovative solution’s time-to-market. As a leading and trustworthy Flutter app development company based in Mumbai, we specialise in developing apps that offer superior performance across the wide breadth of mobile platforms- iOS, Android, Windows, and more. Our certified flutter app developers build highly-interactive and functional mobile applications with flexible UI designs and seamless navigation. Our rich experience has empowered in deriving profits from your business idea and promise growth. We’ve worked with several enterprises across industrial genres to build mobile apps that are agile, resilient, and future-driven.

Our Flutter app developers in Mumbai employ Dart and Flutter widgets to ensure cross-platform compatibility of your mobile apps. We have been delivering cross-platform mobile apps for web, desktops, mobile, and social and our skilled team comprising of developers, testers, and QA specialists possess ample knowledge to offer unrivalled Flutter mobile app development services for various platforms.

Our unique and customised application development services leverage Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities to boost your competitive advantage. Since you only have to script a single codebase for all platforms with Flutter, you significantly reduce the cost of development and accelerate go-to-market. Our Flutter app developers in Mumbai employ beautiful UI designs and fluid widget creations to develop apps that speak volumes about your brand.

Why go for Flutter mobile application development services?

We are an end-to-end and experienced Flutter app development company in Mumbai using the competitive power of the programming language to build iOS and Android apps with a single codebase.

  • Cost savings: As Flutter uses a single source code for iOS, Android, and Windows platform, your overall cost of development decreases by a significant margin. This means, you can develop innovative, agile, and flexible mobile apps at 30-40% cheaper compared to native mobile application development. Otherwise, you would have to spend budget on developing platform-specific apps.
  • Seamless customer experience: As you develop a cross-platform app compatible for several operating systems and touchpoints, it ensures a seamless and uniform experience across devices regardless of the platform you pick. Such everlasting experiences boost customer retention and assists with acquisition.
  • Hot reload: With the ever-evolving trends and market dynamics, your mobile app must be scalable and adaptable to the different changes and must reflect it to your output instantly. Flutter’s hot reload feature allows developers to quickly see the code changes in real-time on a simulator. This saves a lot of time for developers while building the app and boosts productivity.
  • Beautiful UI Designs: At Mypcot Infotech, our team of UI/UX designers enrich your app architectures with their flexible and appealing designs. Moreover, with Flutter, you can choose from a wide variety of available features as per your industrial genre and business model and customise it accordingly.
  • Faster go-to-market: Since you spend less time in coding, your app developers can work on added functionalities of the solution than replicating it for different platforms. Therefore, with the same resource, you can launch your app faster to the market.
  • Better performance: Flutter being a cross-platform programming language doesn’t require additional technology to communicate with the underlying platform. Unlike other hybrid mobile app, Flutter apps are as superior in their performance as other native mobile apps.
  • Supports older version: Unlike other older versions that aren’t compatible with other Android and iOS versions, Flutter employs its own rendering engine to support operating systems old and new. This gives it a competitive edge over other cross-platform tools and languages.
  • Web & desktop app support: Flutter for Web and Desktop allows developers to bring the code to the native devices. Our team can either containerise your existing mobile apps to PWAs and deploy it to your mobile app without rewriting new code or compile the Flutter code for native Windows and MacOS apps. Along with a few plugins, we can customise the mobile app to work at lightning speed on both web and desktop.
Our competitive Flutter mobile app development services

In such cutting-edge times, to gain maximum traction, downloads, and revenue, you cannot restrict your innovative solution to a particular mobile platform. Our Flutter app developers in Mumbai will help you build flawless platform-independent mobile apps that offer compelling digital experiences throughout. Discuss your idea with us and as a leading Flutter app development company in Mumbai, we will turn your idea to reality.

  • Flutter app ideation & consulting: Today, Flutter comes along with several developer-friendly frameworks and use cases. As a Flutter app development company, our team can validate your app idea, discuss the various possibilities, enlighten you on the available opportunities, and suggest the best technical solution. Our consulting solutions explore ever available creek to make the most of our combined development efforts.
  • Custom Flutter app development: Our Flutter mobile application development solutions are dedicated to building a multi-platform experience for your users. We develop a roadmap to find the connection between your product and the market and develop a cutting-edge mobile app that achieves your business goals and can easily adapt to the market trends. Moreover, our team will also deploy the app across several platforms post designing, developing, and testing.
  • Flutter app migration: In case you have an existing app on Android or IOS and wish to move it to the Flutter OS, our team of mobile app developers in Mumbai can develop, deploy, or migrate it across platforms and operating systems. Our team has assisted several SMBs and enterprises to develop platform-agnostic applications that can beat the competition and fuel business growth.
  • Flutter support & maintenance: Our Flutter mobile app developers in Mumbai ensure that your mobile app is relevant as per customer expectations and market dynamics and resilient enough to scale up for the future demands. Our team offers ongoing technical support to ensure the smooth and seamless functioning of your mobile apps.
  • Flutter API development & integration: To meet the specific user requirements of your mobile solution, our team can help you build, develop, and deploy REST APIs to improve the productivity of your mobile apps and promise unbeatable performance at all times.
Why choose Mypcot for Flutter app development services?

At Mypcot, we possess the experience and expertise to develop competitive and beautiful mobile apps that offer similar performances across operating systems.

  • Real experience: Although Flutter hasn’t been long enough in the market, our team has achieved unrivalled expertise and certifications in this cross-platform technology. We’ve adopted Flutter and have launched several live projects for global enterprises.
  • Proven knowledge: We’ve learned Flutter from Google’s guide but we’ve gone deeper and beyond than the official documents and our developers even contribute to the development community for the same.
  • Automation tools: Our team is well-versed with automation tools and use it occasionally to automate repetitive tasks and boost developer productivity. Our Flutter app developers in Mumbai even employ performance monitoring protocols to only deliver high-quality mobile apps to our clients.
  • Experience with Flutter animations: Our UI/UX team is quite big on animations and employ the right third-party libraries and external tools to develop compelling mobile experiences that wow your users.
  • Testing before launch: Mypcot Infotech, a leading Flutter app development company in Mumbai, employs test-driven development environment to evaluate the quality of deliverables to ensure all the KPIs are being fulfilled and to test performance at all instances. Our specialises experts employ the right frameworks like Test Library and Driver to achieve our collective goals.
  • Native development: Although our Flutter app developers in Mumbai are well-experienced with the platform, we even leverage our first-hand experience in Android and iOS to make better decisions on the functionalities that can employ either Flutter or native platforms to ensure speed and scalability.
  • 7+ years of Experience: We’ve been in the industry for 7+ and have assisted startups, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises in developing a wide range of Flutter mobile apps to establish their global superiority in the app development market.
  • Happy Clients: Mypcot Infotech has successfully delivered cross-platform Flutter mobile app development services across geographies. We’ve collaborated with 1000+ clients across varied industrial domains like food & beverage, logistics & transportation, eCommerce, etc.
  • Free Consultation: If you want to develop an Flutter app for Android, iOS and Windows devices, Mypcot and our team of Flutter app developers in Mumbai can help you develop a complete roadmap via a free consultation.
Mypcot’s Flutter mobile app development process
  • Understanding business requirements: First, we spend time on understanding what our client wants to achieve with this project. We discuss around the objective of the project, expectations, deliverables, and the results we want to garner from a Flutter mobile app. Then, our consultants brainstorm on how to best bring your vision to life and brief you on the development path.
  • Bringing the right team together: After we’ve finalised the roadmap for your app, we now bring together UI/UX designers, developers, project manager, testers, and the deployment team to ensure complete end-to-end coverage. With our team, we document the timelines and the deliverables.
  • UX designing: An app is only as good as its underlying design. We build a design foundation of your solution along with the wireframes for all app screens. We decipher the flow of the app, it's navigation, and share the details with you for feedback.
  • UI translation: Once we have the design of the app in place, our team now developers its prototype or the way it would appear to your users. We employ the right guidelines and colour codes to craft a brand-driven interface for your app.
  • Development: Our team of engineers and designers now use their coding skills and experience to bring your app idea to reality. We send you timely updates so that your team can help us with feedback regarding functionalities during the early stages of development.
  • Testing: Our QI engineers and testers now evaluate the developed solution to check if it meets the requited standards, explore loopholes and issues to immediately fix them. We only roll out the Flutter mobile app after it meets our quality benchmarks.
  • Launch: After development and testing, we now launch your app on App Store and Play Store and abide by all its compliances and regulatory protocols.
  • Maintenance & support: Our assistance doesn’t end at launching of your mobile app but our team ensures that it complies with all the latest versions of the operating systems. We implement 24/7 maintenance and support solutions to fix bugs and ensure relevancy with modern trends to provide a smooth user experience.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Flutter mobile app development?

Flutter is a platform based on the Dart programming language and is an open-source cross-platform framework launched by Google. You can develop creative cross-platform apps for Android and iOS with a single codebase leveraging the Flutter framework.

How much time does it take to build a flutter app?

Depending on the project complexity and the design requirements, the development time will be determined. However, unlike hybrid development, Flutter develops apps faster for both Android and iOS systems in parallel.

What type of apps can I make with Flutter?

You can develop all sorts of apps for different industrial genre with Flutter.

Can I migrate on existing app on Flutter?

Yes, and using Flutter you can even add new modules to your native Android and iOS apps.

Can I customise my app with Flutter?

Yes, using Flutter you can customise your mobile app tailored to your business requirements. You can include a wide range of animations, widgets, and other features to your app.

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