Kotlin and its features, benefits, and role in the Android app development process

Java has remained the most popular programming language for years. But it has been replaced by Kotlin in the past few years. Kotlin has gained huge popularity in the field of Android app development. It is widely used by many experienced Android app developers all around the globe.

Because of its unique features and ample benefits, Kotlin has become a very popular Android app development tool these days. In this blog, we will talk about Kotlin, its features, benefits, and how it helps in Android app development.

Summary of Kotlin

In the above section, we already talked about a few things on Kotlin. Now, let us know further about this programming language in detail. Kotlin can be used in every field where Java is used. It is an open-source programming tool that works with the help of Java Virtual Machine or JVM. You can compile this programming language into JavaScript source code easily.

Kotlin was discovered in Russia by a software development company named JetBrains. The term Kotlin is derived from an island where the developers grew up. It is one of the most powerful tools to develop Android apps widely used by several developers. Moreover, this programming language is easy to use and install on the system.

Who uses Kotlin?

Many experienced Android app developers and good companies are using Kotlin to develop Android apps. It is currently used by well-known companies such as Pinterest, Google, Trello, and so on.

It can be used where Java is used. It can be used to develop different Android apps with good features.

Important features of the Kotlin language

Some of the most important features of the Kotlin language are listed as under:

  • Different data classes

Kotlin offers several data classes to make the coding process easier and better than before. It works opposite to Java in which the developers have to deal with a lot of repetitive codes.

  • Works perfectly with Java

Kotlin programming language can easily work with Java tools and libraries in the process of Android app development. It is compatible with Java language and makes the process of Android app development simpler and better for the developers. It is convenient to switch between Java and Kotlin languages for good-quality work.

  • Open source tool

 It is an open-source tool that is available for free for anyone. It is easy to access Kotlin and modify it according to the needs of the developers in just a few clicks.

  • Extension functions

While using Kotlin in the app development process, it becomes easy to add new methods in classes without altering the source code. A special feature known as extension functions allows the users to include new methods in different classes.

Major benefits of using Kotlin in Android app development

Kotlin is similar to Java programming language with rich features. It provides various benefits such as:

  1. Reduce issues of developers

Kotlin solves almost every issue of Android app development faced by developers. JetBrains developed Kotlin language to simplify the Android app development process. You can reduce the issue of null pointer exceptions with the use of the Kotlin programming framework. It can solve many other minor issues for programmers in the Android app development process.

  • Reduces coding work

This programming language reduces the complexity of heavy coding in app development. It reduces the number of bugs while developing any Android app and offers good readability as well. Besides, the Kotlin programming tool also speeds up the process of the Android app and makes robust apps.

  • Good community

Kotlin is constantly being upgraded with new features by the developers. Many new features are added to this tool to develop Android apps easily and speedily.

  • Cost-effective maintenance

It is very cheap to maintain Kotlin programming languages for small companies and new businesses. Apart from that, the language is also fault-proof and decreases coding work as much as possible. You do not have to spend time on coding work while developing Android apps. It is one of the best programming tools for companies with less capital.

  • Comes with Kotlin-to-Java converter

This programming language features a special convertor that automatically converts Kotlin to Java programming language. You can easily switch between these 2 languages while developing Android apps with different features.

  • Simple to adopt

It is very simple to adopt the Kotlin programming framework for any developer. This programming language will also help to develop customized Android apps with the required features. It can be easily used by engineers as well as app developers in developing the app.

  • Multiple uses

Kotlin can be used for multiple platforms. It offers JavaScript support and interoperability as well. It also contains Gradle support to write various Gradle files easily. This programming language is also used to develop various iOS apps.

Major reasons to use Kotlin for the Android app development process

Kotlin is widely used by many app developers for developing Android apps. The major reasons to use Kotlin are listed as under:

  • It can solve many major and minor programming challenges for Android app developers.
  • Kotlin involves less coding work and improves coding execution work in the development of Android apps.
  • It can work efficiently with Java programming language to complete various projects.
  • Learning and adopting Kotlin programming language is an easy task for beginners as well as experienced App developers.
  • As it is an open-source framework, you do not need to spend money to use this tool. It is available free of cost to developers and can even be modified as per the needs of developers.
  • It is a safe tool to use for developing Android apps.


This is all about the Kotlin programming language, its features, and the benefits of using it in app development. It is easy to learn and modify according to your needs. Because of its easy features, Kotlin is here to stay for many years in the field of Android app development. If you want an app developed in Kotlin, you can reach out to us at Mypcot Infotech. We are experts in this field and have been the first choice of customers when they are looking for the best android app development company.

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