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Mobile application

Mobile app development company in Thane

Mypcot is one of the top mobile Application Development companies in Thane

Mobile application development is becoming extremely popular in the world. The companies, irrespective of their size or turnover, are developing and launching their mobile apps to provide ease of service to their target audience, thereby strengthening their market position. Businesses develop mobile apps based on their target audience’s requirements, market demand, and to provide better and quick service.

The Mobile app development company in Thane can make the decision on the type of platform (Android, iOS, etc.) that should be used to develop the mobile app, based on their target country/market. For e.g. if the app is for South Asian countries then a mobile app on the Android platform will be a better choice. And if the mobile app’s target audience is more in the European and American markets then development on the iOS platform will be preferable. But it is advisable to have a mobile app that is compatible with all types of platforms (Android, iOS, etc.), as every single customer adds value in an expanding business.

Creating - Value | Experience | Efficiency

Mypcot Infotech is one of the leading mobile application development companies located in Mumbai, India.

We being the trusted Ecommerce Mobile app development company in Thane offer full-stack mobile application development services tailored to the client’s business needs. From an idea to the final product - we have everything covered all the way. We help create a scalable and, feature-rich mobile application that delivers an unmatched user experience.

Why us for meeting your needs?
  • Experienced team: Mypcot Infotech brings together the best mobile app developers — including business analysts, UX specialists, and engineers. All our experts come with a cumulative experience of more than five years. All of them are well-versed in developing a best-in-class mobile app in both native (whether iOS or Android) and cross-platform.
  • On-time delivery: Mypcot Infotech has a proven track record of on-time delivery of projects without compromising on quality.
  • Budget-friendly solutions: Mypcot Infotech, with its number of years of experience and various proof of concepts, is the best Ecommerce Mobile app development company in Thane, The company is able to fast-track the design and development phase to save cost and time and come up with affordable and budget-friendly solutions.
  • Future-ready: Leading the way in learning and deploying the latest technology to provide world-class mobile applications development service at a reasonable cost.
  • Loyal partner: Mypcot Infotech believes in developing a long-term relationship with its clients. Our role does not end with the final delivery of the mobile app. We guide our clients in embracing the new technological developments so that they can compete in the fast-growing market.
  • Expanding internationally: Mypcot Infotech has expanded internationally and established its presence in the global market.
  • Always in top Google search results: whenever anyone will search for the best ecommerce Mobile app development company in Thane, our website name will always appear in the first five Google search results due to our premium quality work and satisfied customers.
Our mobile app development efficient process unveiled.

Though we follow a step-by-step process for developing a mobile app, we are very agile in our approach and ensure client participation at every stage to ensure that the final product meets the client’s vision and requirement. The strategic process which makes us the most-chosen Mobile app development company in Thane are:

Mobile application

  • Ideation and Strategy: We discuss the project's goals and understand the client's basic requirement. This is one of the most important parts of the process as it creates the base of the next phases and helps in strategizing the resource, budget, and effort estimation.
  • UX and UI Designing: With clarity on the basics, the designers start the first phase of ideation and development of the look and feel and the flow of the app. In this step, we ensure to add the client’s touch by adding their brand essentials like brand colors, logo, font style, etc.
  • App Development: This is the operational phase, in which the developers start building the mobile app. In this step, we concentrate on the app's look and feel and make sure that the functionalities are very user-friendly for all age groups within our target audience.
  • QA, Testing, and Continuous delivery: Adhering to our strict quality control, the quality testing is done with multiple test case scenarios, considering all working environments. Bug fixes and quality issues; if any are resolved before the final delivery to the client.
  • Launch and Enhancements: The client-approved mobile app is launched on the app stores (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or both, as the case may be) for the users. As we partner with our clients in every step of their journey, we ensure that we support them with all required enhancements after careful analysis enabling the smooth functioning of the mobile app.
Our Technology Stack expertise
Native Platforms
  • Android Mobile Apps

    Mypcot Infotech being the reliable Mobile app development company in Thane has expertise in developing a native android mobile application using Java and Kotlin. We own a diverse and rich pool of developers with experience in this platform.

  • iOS Mobile Apps

    We have an expert team of iOS mobile app developers, who can develop and deliver applications with speed and consistency.

  • Windows (based) Mobile Apps

    Mypcot Infotech specializes in mobile app development for Windows (based) devices. We develop applications for these devices in C#.

Hybrid Platforms

Mypcot Infotech covers the entire spectrum of mobile app development platforms and develops applications using Hybrid platforms too like:

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Capacitor
  • Flutter
Our Programming Language expertise
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Java
  • C#

With expertise in trending technologies, latest programming languages, expert resource pool, and numbers of years of experience, Mypcot Infotech have become the number 1 choice in the Mobile app development company in Thane.

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