5 Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

Statistics reveal over 5-15 billion unique mobile users worldwide. Moreover, over 69% of internet users research online about a brand, read reviews, and study its history before concluding a purchasing decision. With the growing number of brand-customer touchpoints, it has become imperative for businesses of all genres and sizes to make their unique services across multiple platforms and devices. And this is where custom mobile development can help your business. Custom-made solutions can strengthen your brand position and accelerate your business growth. In fact, reports state that employees save 7.5 hours per week, on average. Moreover, 82% of business leaders believe that custom mobile apps are already assisting them in earning additional business revenues.

What differentiates custom apps from traditional mobile apps- these apps can be customized and personalized to suit your business needs. Custom apps cater to a particular audience group than attending to the needs of a large customer base, thus resonating with their needs and wants and positioning your services right where it hits their nerve. As more and more businesses realize the redundant and generic nature of off-the-shelf apps, they will invest in custom apps to manage scattered data and organize processes accordingly. 

What is custom mobile app development?

Unlike a traditional mobile app, a custom mobile app helps fill the gaps in the existing IT offerings of a company. As an organization, you have rules, protocols, workflows, and target groups. In such situations, you cannot expect generic apps to solve your business problems while offering customized user experiences. In such scenarios, developing a custom mobile app via a leading mobile app development becomes an absolute necessity to boost operation efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

What are the different methods of developing a custom mobile application?

There are two ways you can develop a custom mobile app- from scratch or by modifying a generic mobile app. 

  • Developing an app from scratch: Although this might be challenging, coding a custom app right from the foundation level ensures its uniqueness and provides a competitive advantage. Either you can set up an in-house team or connect with the best mobile app development company
  • Reengineering an off-the-shelf mobile app: If you have an existing mobile app that fulfills your requirements except for a few attributes, you can re-architecture it into a custom mobile app while saving time and money. The only downside is that it might be easy for your competitors to copy this mobile app.

Why must organizations invest in custom mobile app development?

#1: Improves collaboration and boosts productivity 

Custom mobile app development allows smooth integration of several roles and tasks across organizational verticals. Startups or SMEs can develop a single app with several capabilities, whereas enterprises can code a separate team as demanded by their cross-functional teams. Ultimately, custom apps improve process efficiency and productivity. 

2: Enhanced Safety

Whether you use on-premises or cloud storage for your custom app, custom mobile application development promises higher security. For enterprise apps, you can deploy several authentication levels for data access based on user roles and designation in the company. 

3: Higher scalability

Every business is built around a growth perspective. Custom apps support new developments as you scale up, allowing easy modifications around the market, trends, and technologies. These apps are built keeping growth in mind, thus efficiently handling the load without compromising on speed. 

4: Improve customer experiences

Custom business apps help you deliver tailored and successful user experiences. As you are already aware of your target audience and the service attributes you intend to pitch to them, you can boost ROIs while improving user retention and experiences. 

5: Seamless integrations 

Custom apps are built, keeping in mind that you might have to integrate them with your existing solution or any third-party systems over time. Therefore, these apps integrate well and function without errors or speed lags. 

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