5 Must Have Apps for Train Travelers in India

Train journey still remains the favorite thing of many Indians even today. People in India prefer train journeys over flights and bus rides. With the growth of smartphones, travelers are getting more comfortable booking train tickets.

Many apps have been developed today for train travelers who want to make their trip easy and comfortable. This blog highlights the best 5 apps for train travelers in India that make train journeys safe and easy.

Top 5 apps for train travelers in India

Whether you want to book train tickets in advance or order food online, these apps will do it all for your safe journey. Here are the top 5 apps for train travelers in India:

1. Trainman

Passengers always get worried about their seat numbers and PNR status before the journey. Trainman is one of the best mobile apps that will solve this problem. It provides all the necessary details before the train journey such as seat availability, waiting list, PNR status, live tracking of the train, and so on. The user interface of this app is easy and helps to find the different options at once. Moreover, this app provides important travel tips and tricks for every passenger.

2. IRCTC Connect

From train ticket booking to travel history, you will get every detail on the IRCTC app. This is the official app of Indian Railways that helps passengers’ book Tatkal tickets and know the waiting list. Besides, the app also shows the booking history of every passenger to know the travel dates. It makes your train journey easy and comfortable.

3. Indian Train Alarm

Have you ever missed your destination because of a lack of alarm on the train? Then download the Indian Train Alarm app on your mobile phone. It is an app that allows setting an alarm for the morning journey. It will automatically wake you up when the train is away at a distance of 5km from the final destination.

Additionally, this alarm will make you stress-free during the morning journey. It is an easy-to-use app for passengers.

4. Food in Train App

Do you want to enjoy your train journey with delicious food? The food in Train app will provide you with all the delicious food items from the various restaurants. It is easy to order food from this app by giving your train details and seat number to the restaurant. You will get a wide range of food options from the different restaurants near the station on this app.


The last app on the list is NTES. This app helps to track the running status of various trains during the journey. It has an attractive user interface to find all the options to make your train ride safe and easy with family and friends.

Final words

These apps are important for train passengers and make their journey safe. If you also wish to have one such app created, you can contact Mypcot Infotech. We are the leading mobile app developer company having a team of experts to get the right app developed.

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