9 Best Taxi Apps to Rely on When Riding from One Place to Another

Cab rides are in high demand these days due to convenience and speedy transport benefits. Experts say that the percentage of taxi apps will increase in the next few years. We come across the taxi apps such as Uber and Ola in our daily life.

Despite the rise in the price of petrol, diesel, and CNG, people continue to use taxis and cabs when it comes to travel. Some years back, we use to travel by bus or train for inter-state transport. But now, we look at the comfort factor and book a cab on the taxi app. This blog lists all the popular taxi apps to choose to travel from one place to another.

9 best taxi apps to choose from for traveling from one place to another

Taxi apps give comfort to travel and save time as well. Read on to get a list of 9 best taxi apps to choose from for booking a cab on daily basis:

1. Via

Via is one of the best taxi apps to use regularly. This taxi app allows booking a cab for local areas and long-distance routes. This app is used by millions of people for daily commutes. It has many special features that you will not find in other taxi apps.

Via app will show the passengers who are riding with you to the same place. You can book a cab for the railway station, airport, cinema hall or any other spot in the city. Moreover, this taxi app is easy to use on any smartphone.

2. Uber

The next app on the list is Uber. It is a very well-known taxi app used by above 100 million people all over the globe. Almost every person today has the Uber app on his/her smartphone. It is used in several countries of the world.

Booking a cab on the Uber app just requires a few minutes. You will get a quick cab ride from the available drivers in your area after booking a ride on the Uber app. Many passengers use the Uber app to travel within the city or to nearby areas of the city.

3. Curb

Curb is a very famous taxi app in the United States of America. You can book a ride with your name on the Curb app. It has a staff of licensed and reliable drivers from different parts of the country. Because of its genuine service, this app has received a good rating from customers.

You have to just give your name on this app and the cab will arrive at your doorsteps. People can travel to around 65 cities in the USA by booking a ride on the Curb app.

4. Cabify

The next app on the list is Cabify. It is a reputable Spanish taxi booking app with good reviews and ratings. You will get a cab by booking a ride on this app within a few minutes. It has a team of genuine drivers with knowledge of every route.

Cabify works in all the major parts of the United States of America. It is very simple to use the Cabify app on your mobile phone. You have to download this app on your phone, select your destination and choose the taxi options like Easy Taxi, Life, and Executive taxi.

5. Careem

Careem is another popular tax app managed by the Careem transportation network firm of Dubai. It serves about 100 cities and 14 countries of the world. Apart from taxis, this app also has a collection of food trucks. Like other taxi apps, you can easily use the Careem app on your smartphone.

The app provides mainly two options namely ride now or ride later. You can select the model of vehicle that you want for a ride and the destination where you want to visit. It is packed with some of the best features such as live tracking and so on.

6. Gett

Gett is a highly trusted taxi app in Israel. It has similar features to that of Ola and Uber taxi apps. This app works in more than 100 places in UK and Israel. However, it does not offer its services in the US due to some reasons.

The Gett app offers high-grade Lyft cars for passengers. It is a safe taxi app to use for visiting any local area or far-off places. Moreover, the Gett app gives many transportation options to its customers such as luxury car options and taxis.

7. Lyft

The next app on this list is Lyft. It is an app started in California and is listed as one of the best taxi apps in the US. Currently, the app is used in more than 640 cities in the US and Canada. Lyft is one of the biggest competitors of the Uber app with many users in both countries.  This app will show all the nearby drivers on your screen and makes your ride easy.

8. Free Now or Mytaxi

Free now is listed among the best taxi apps in the globe. It serves its services in about 9 countries of Europe. The service of the Free Now app is good, and you will also get some discounts on roundtrips and long-distance journeys. Some of the best features in this app include arrival tracking, a location input field, and so on.

9. Ola

Ola is a famous name among commuters all around the globe. It works in about 65 locations in the US and has more than 4, 50,000 vehicles. Ola is one of the best services giving speedy travel to passengers on a daily basis. You will gain instant discounts, cashback deals, and some other deals on the Ola app.


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