The 8 must-have features of a travel mobile app

Today, mobile applications have penetrated every industrial vertical, and the tourism and travel industry is no exception. As the world recovers from the pandemic, the tourism industry aims to nullify the losses experienced during the past years with global-wide travel restrictions. As more and more people seek to enjoy the eased restrictions and wish to travel the world, this is an excellent opportunity for travel companies looking to reverse their losses incurred and make it profitable in the market. 

As per a recent study, travel-based mobile applications are the 7th most downloaded category of apps. Furthermore, over 60% of smartphone users prefer using travel applications while planning their leisure trips and tours. 

However, there goes more into developing a travel app than a brilliant idea. You need to build an app that engages your audiences, offers easy navigation, and provides a memorable app experience. To achieve this goal, a travel app must boast some essential features that differentiate your innovative solution from the competition. Let’s take a look at them. 

1: An individual account with social media signup and sharing option

An individual profile is a must for travel mobile applications. It allows users to view all their bookings, purchases and other histories on a single platform without switching between apps. What mobile application development companies do is that they allow users to sign up with their social accounts without having to enter details manually. Implementing such login processes reduces signup time and enables travel companies to customise their offers based on the amassed social information. With every internet user having at least one social account, such logins provide free-of-charge advertising and improve brand recognition. 

2: Travel itinerary generator 

This is one of the most demanding features in the travel and tourism industry. It allows users to create a comprehensive travel plan by simply adding the location they want to visit, and the underlying technology can do the rest. Admins can add tourist attractions or custom landmarks while generating user travel plans. 

Travel apps like TripAdvisor and TripHobo provide complete information about the place you’re visiting, allowing users to have a map that tells them all about tourist attractions and schedules. 

The algorithm might look challenging to implement, but you can easily accomplish this goal with the right travel mobile app development company. 

3: Geo-tracking services 

The integration of GPS to travel mobile apps tracks a user’s current location and provides them with the nearest travel destinations, restaurants, and other essential locations. By integrating this feature, you can offer all sorts of services to a user while on the trip. 

Google provides Google Maps SDK for iOS and Android to implement geolocation features to a mobile app. You can add the map to a travel app to help with navigation and routing.

4: Booking services for air travel and hotel 

Besides itineraries, travellers desire affordable travel and a place to stay. However, to achieve this goal, you must integrate a booking system within your travel mobile app. These features must allow the users to compare prices, review the best places to live, receive notifications about hotel offers, and allow easy booking of flights and hotels. 

You must ensure that the app booking process is easier for users with a fast search engine and a smart filtering feature. You can even partner with hotel and airline service providers to offer exclusive deals and discounts. You can also run a referral program where you offer joining bonuses to users to gain more traction. 

5: Adding reviews and ratings 

When it comes to trusting a company or a user who has availed services, users always choose the latter. Modern users like to read reviews and ratings before they pay for any new service. Per reports, travellers read over 6-7 reviews before booking products/services. 

Therefore, you must display reviews and ratings in your app where users can have a look before making a final decision to visit a place. Moreover, there should be an area where they can post their experiences after they’ve visited a place. This not only boosts the trust users have in your services but also humanises your travel mobile app for a wider audience. 

6: Social media sharing option 

The thing about travelling is that people like to flaunt it. And with social media platforms in the picture, users can easily share their photos and their experience with their friends. Reports suggest that 70% of social media users share pictures on various platforms when on vacation. So, by implementing similar features to your travel mobile app, you can ease the process for users to share their photos on social media channels. And it serves to your advantage as well as you gain better exposure to your app. So, it is a win-win for both. 

All you have to do is integrate the social media login option into your app, and when users register, they can do so with their social media logins. Since you gain information about their social profiles, you can offer them customised deals. 

7: Weather forecasting 

It is common for travellers to use travel apps to check the weather of places they are about to visit. This allows them to plan accordingly, stay informed about climatic conditions, and prevent natural calamities. For example, the AccuWeather app will enable people to check the weather anywhere they want. So, you can integrate this weather forecasting app into your travel append to empower travellers with live updates on the weather. 

8: Offline access

 There might be times when travellers are in a ‘no network’ area. So, unless your travel app grants offline access, the users won’t be able to use your solution when they need it the most. Native application development ensures that offline access does not disturb the efficiency and stability of your travel mobile app. 

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