The ultimate guide to matrimony mobile application development 


There was a time when friends and family members used to take responsibility for finding suitable matches for eligible bachelors. Nowadays, the job is performed by matrimony mobile apps, finding true and relevant brides or grooms ready to turn into soulmates. These apps leverage leading-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze available databases and only suggest suitable matches. Owing to the immense popularity of matrimony mobile app development, several business owners have started looking for ways to revolutionize the concept of finding brides or grooms. 

So, if you’re planning on hiring a mobile application development company to build such an innovative solution, this list of essential features will help you forge the best roadmap that doesn’t create a burn in your pocket. 

Matrimony mobile application development: Market size and statistics 

Research firm Frost and Sullivan reports that India is home to more than five million marriages organized by online matrimony, accounting for $0.26 billion in 2022. Such promising statistics attract widespread attention from investors and business owners to invest in it. Reports suggest that online matrimony business in India grows 25-30% yearly, narrating users’ trust and loyalty for such apps. As more and more people use smartphones for such services, this number is expected to increase, and so does the need for a top-rated matrimony mobile application development company. 

How much does it cost to develop a matrimony mobile app?

To calculate the total cost of mobile app development, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Functionalities and features you wish to include in your matrimony app. Some advanced features might cost you more. 
  • The app design you wish to implement. Of course, you would want your apps to look elegant and appealing.
  • Development platform you leverage for the matrimony app. Target all the major operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. 
  • The mobile app development company you hire and the team size they possess. 

The most-desired features of a matrimony app 

While you’ll be investing in getting an ideal matrimony app developed, there are some basic and advanced features that you must incorporate into your app. The goal is to provide users with a safe, secure, and convenient platform when looking for their ideal bride/groom. Leading mobile app development companies take note of crucial features that customers desire for such matchmaking apps. 

Some of the basic features of the matrimony app include a user name, multi-device, and channel login, picture upload, partner preferences, horoscope, profile verification by email id/contact number, other personal details, astrology compatibility, manage profile, notifications, payment gateway integration, reporting, and so on. 

Now coming to the advanced features for such matrimony apps, the following are some must-have functionalities. 

#1: Geolocation tracking 

Geolocation tracking benefits users looking for matches inside/outside their city. This feature allows users to look for matches in their vicinity or run different city searches. Moreover, this feature should track your location and set preferences based on it. 

#2: Social media integration 

You can know a lot about your matches via their social media accounts. It is why a matrimony app must allow seamless integration with your social media accounts. This would enable users to link their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other relevant accounts. With the help of these features, users can glance at their interested matches’ social profiles and get to know their likes and dislikes and other details.

#3: Payment integration 

An ideal matrimony app must allow multiple integrations of debit cards, PayPal, credit cards, UPI, QR payments, etc. Offering flexibility in payment modes is imperative, primarily if your users are located in various countries and would be concluding payments in different currencies. 

#4: Chat integration 

The idea of a matrimony app is to find a suitable match, which requires chatting with the person online. The integration of chat API will allow users to communicate with their preferred matches and evaluate their level of understanding. 

#5: Push notifications 

Push notifications keep your users updated about the latest happenings in their matrimony app. For example, someone just viewed their profile, messaged you, interacted with it, clicked any links in your profile, latest offers about discounts, special offers, rewards, and so on. 

#6: Enforced data security protocols

Data security plays a crucial role in ensuring your matrimony app’s competitiveness and successful downloads. User profile data must be kept safe and secure at all costs. For this, mobile app developers must employ stringent security protocols, check for bottlenecks and issues, and test apps for data safety. 

#7: User blocking feature

This feature is how you can ward off non-reliable users from using the app. This will allow users to block other user profiles if the conversation goes sideways and refrain from nuisance. 

#8: Save favorites 

Your matrimony app must have a feature to save the favorite profiles of prospects they are interested. This will make it easy for users to track their favorite profiles and keep them at easy accessibility. 

#9: In-app camera

This feature lets users click their pictures and share snaps with other profiles. In the case of video conferencing, the in-app camera will allow them to share their screens and indulge in effortless communication. 

#10: Biodata generator 

A matrimony app must have a third-party API integration with a tool that allows users to create their biodata online within the app. The users would need to provide essential information and then structure it accordingly. 

#11: Upload your horoscope

Many users believe in matching the Kundli of brides and grooms before moving toward marriage. Therefore, your app must have a horoscope feature allowing users to compare their Kundli with desired profiles. 


If you have the perfect idea for matrimony mobile app development, you need the right mobile application development company to assist you with the goal. 

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